For 50 + years, a better way to build

When you’re building commercial, there are so many reasons why modular and Kent Commercial are your best solution.

With Kent Commercial you get a high quality build that’s quicker, controlled, and consistent. 

It’s a smarter, greener way to build, with better management of costs, materials and timing.

Take advantage of the greater profit potential with accelerated timelines, reduced borrowing costs, and reduced risk overall.

Kent Commercial’s convenient east coast location puts us in close proximity to all of Atlantic Canada and the New England states, with easy access to Ontario & Quebec, and sea lift access to northern Canada.

Our integrated logistics allow us to deliver even further – across Canada, the United States and when needed, virtually anywhere around the world.

If you are a general contractor, developer, architect or business owner, learn more about how we can help you.

Kent Commercial modular advantages include:

  • flexible, custom designs 
  • faster, start to finish
  • cost controlled 
  • over 50 years experience
  • more profit potential 
  • latest technology and techniques
  • dependable team of skilled workers 
  • year-round construction without weather delays
  • sustainable – reduced waste and optimized recycling
  • built in a safe, climate controlled environment.
  • energy efficient and air tight
  • keep your sites clean and quiet
  • no damage or vandalism problems
  • spend less time on project management 
  • fewer hours dealing with construction and labour issues
  • higher standards, code compliance