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Q. Do I need to get permits

Q. How much does a new home cost?

A. There are a lot of factors that go into customizing your new manufactured home. As you can imagine when building your new home there are a lot of options to choose from to make it your own. We offer free floor plan modifications through our engineering department to help you receive exactly the home you want. We will work together with you to achieve your new home goals. Each new home is built custom and to the preference of each customer. We have some realistic client scenario’s on our webpage (http://www.lakewoodcustomhomes.ca/browse-homes/pricing/) . Some of the reasons a home price would change is dependent on the size of the home, the options you choose and the style of home you choose.

Q. Does the home need to go on a foundation?

A. All new homes need to go on some type of foundation. That can be a concrete slab, crawl space, or a full basement.

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Q. How big of a home can I get from Lakewood Custom Homes

Q. What type of warranty does Kent Homes offer?

A. Kent Homes has a industry leading New Home Warranty. For more details please email info@lakewoodcustomhomes.ca

Q. Who will take care of set up for my new prefab home?

A. Lakewood Custom Homes! We will take care of delivery and the setup of your new home.

Q. Who will take care of my land prep?

A. You will be responsible for arranging your land prep.

Q. Who will get my permits?

A. You will be responsible for your permits. However, we do have a external contact who can do the permits for you.

Q. Does Lakewood provide engineered drawings?

A. Yes. Lakewood Custom Homes will provide you with engineered drawings you can use for your permits.

Q. What if my building inspector gives me a hard time about putting in a new prefab home

A. There is no good reason your building inspector can stop you from putting a prefab home on your property. We can provide any information your building inspector requests.