Making The Move Up North

Making The Move to Northern Ontario

People will move from one city to another for a number of reasons but increasingly, most people are choosing lifestyle as their number one reason for moving or living in to a town or a city. Canada in particular has traditionally been the first choice for people who enjoy a lifestyle of living outdoors in a mild weather or climate. Fort Frances, however, is a great town for those who are in love with a mild climate and the outdoors but do not want to pay a lot for it. Fort Frances is a town in and the surface of, Rainy River District in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. The population as of the 2011 counting census was approximately 8,000. Fort Frances is commonly known as a popular fishing destination, it holds the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship annually.

Easily Located on the international border with the United States where Rainy Lake narrows to become the Rainy River, it is connected to International Falls, Minnesota, by the Fort Frances International Falls International Bridge. The city of Fort Frances is the 3rd largest community of Northwestern Ontario. The town offers many shopping and dining outlets. Fort Frances has proven to be an awesome place to live as of recent and is continually increasing in terms of population and growth because of its conducive and safe environment coupled with an amazing number of side attractions. Here are some reasons why you should think about Fort Frances as a fit place to live.

Low Crime Rate

•Low Criminal Rate In comparison to Canada’s other major metropolises, Fort Frances rates low for criminal statistics. And, with a crime severity index score that is below the countrywide average, be reassured that you are completely safe from threat and feel and generally feel safe walking on streets at night.

Affordable Home Ownership

•The price of the average home in Fort France is half of the average home price in Vancouver and 5–10% less than the average home price in Toronto. Given the reasonable cost of housing and the high average income, home ownership is very affordable in Fort Frances.

Jobs and Income

•Fort Frances has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, highest concentration of head offices, and one of the Canadian towns with large per-capita incomes. With a set of booming industries that employs tens of thousands, Fort Frances is a town that people look to when they are considering a move or looking for a new career.

Arts and Culture

•Although not known for it, Fort Frances has a thriving arts community with a considerable number of festivals, live theatre venues, galleries and museums. Every year Fort Frances plays host to a number of events; one of the most famous one being the Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts. Some of the Fort Frances events include , Bears Pass Fish Fry, Sioux Narrows Arts Festival, Triple P Sport Race, Fort Frances Zombie Walk,Tour de Fort Concert Series begins, Life Chain, Fort Frances Lakers SIJHL Hockey starts, Lake of the Woods Bass Tournament, Great Canadian Chili Cook-off and so on…..are also popular draws. The Fort Frances’s Museum also has a large collection of antiquities and art and is the home to exhibitions featuring amazing works of art and craft.


•Scott Street: The Great Canadian Main Street

In Downtown Fort Frances is full of special places to visit and shop. You can easily find pharmacies, clothing stores, beauty shops, gift shops, and unique restaurants. You can also watch for the artisan wares spotlighted in front of the Museum during Thursdays all summer.

•Clover Valley Farmers’ Market

The Farmers Market is always open on every Saturday from May till October. Showcasing local handmade goods and produce, it features the best that the district has to offer.


•Memorial Sports Centre

Fort Frances hosts the Memorial Sports Centre offers two ice surfaces, a 25 meter pool, weight and fitness rooms, two squash courts, and a variety of safety & fitness classes. This is one of the most interesting place in Fort France where exciting competitions are done. In Fort France you’ll get the opportunity to experience pro-like sports just a few blocks away from your home.

•Community Recreational Sports Leagues

Whether you are into indoor or outdoor curling, volleyball, soccer, slow or fast pitch baseball or just some other recreational sport or activity, chances are there is a Fort France community league for you to participate in.


Heron Landing Golf Course was nominated by Golf Digest as the Best New Course in Canada in 2005. The 18 hole course is situated just East of Fort Frances on Couchiching First Nation Reserve, seated in a panoramic woodland arrangement.


Between Fort High Muskies, Fort Frances Minor Hockey, The Fort Frances Lakers, and a lot of other recreational leagues, there is never short on hockey in Fort Frances. So if you are into Hockey and perhaps you just want to relocate to a place where you can practice hockey with your personal home based hockey team, moving to Fort Frances is your best bet in finding such activities easily.

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