Once you have purchased land and arranged financing it is time to book an appointment with a Lakewood Custom Homes New Home Specialist!

In our initial meeting our team will discuss and outline the tasks that will need to take place. Every project is different and will require a personalized and organized plan. This will determine all the land preparation that needs to take place to ensure the property is ready for the home to be installed. We will also discuss all interior/exterior options with detailed pricing.

The next step will be to send a representative to your property to complete a site assessment. There is a fee of $500 plus tax for this which will come off the final cost of your home. At Lakewood Custom Homes we assist you throughout the entire process. From all your municipality to acquire applicable permits to clearing trees on your land to well & septic to foundation. We are a one stop shop!

At this point, once you have received the formal Property Assessment and detailed contract, we will meet again to clarify all applicable details. Once we have discussed all the details and you have chosen all the particulars that you are interested in we can proceed with the construction of your dream home. In order for us to start building we do require a 25% down payment. As soon as we have received this it will take approx. 8-10 weeks to complete the home.

All land preparations tasks and permits can be completed simultaneously to the home being constructed. Once your home and land prep is complete the home will be transported from the factory to and placed on your foundation.

It will most likely take a crane to lift your home onto the foundation. Now that your home is on the foundation our onsite team takes over. They will go in and attach the home together, completely sealing it from the outside. They will connect all the plumbing, electrical, and duct work. They will fix any drywall cracks which may occur during transportation. And most importantly they will make your home ready to live in.


Your custom designed dream home come true

Whether you choose Kent Homes for the customization or the craftsmanship, the turnkey build process or the guaranteed price, the end result is always the same. A beautiful home you can enjoy for many years to come.

For over 50 years, we have offered a better home building experience that starts as soon as you walk through our door. Discover the Kent Homes difference and all its advantages. 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Buying A Kent Home:

  1. The Kent Homes experience – more to enjoy, less stress

  2. Complete design flexibility – start with our plans or yours

  3. Higher quality build  – quicker, controlled, consistent — every time!

  4. Superior quality brand name appliances & materials

  5. Energy efficient, performance tested – saves you money year after year

  6. Guaranteed price… No cost overruns and no surprises!

  7. Certified Dream Builder & project management on site

  8. Highly skilled professional engineers, architects and craftspeople

  9. Complimentary design and decorator consultation

  10. One team, one journey – superior service every step of the way